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Purchaser Chris Have mine for a few weeks now. Great read indeed.
Purchaser Peter I Bought this awesome resource on 14.1. Practiced the side pocket break shot for a bit and the stick shot. Didn't run a lot of balls but ran them easier if that makes sense.
John Schmidt Great books.tons of info.get yours today folks.having this book is like carrying a champion around in your pocket giving u advice for rest of your pool career .i hate to call the author a shortstop . I consider him a journeyman pro caliber player which is way harder then it sounds to accomplish .
Purchaser Robin I just wanted to thank you for your awesome book! It has inspired me to take up pool again after 35 yrs off. I also very much appreciate your YouTube videos. Straight pool is a beautiful game and you have brought me back to it. I am very grateful for your contribution to our beautiful sport.
Dr. Dave Alciatore If you want to excel at straight pool, this is a must have resource, the wealth of illistrations, examples, videos and insight will help you master the game that will teach you so much more about pool.
Jim Parker I would like to congratulate you and your colleagues for the wonderful work you have jam packed into your highly educational book, "A Shortstop on Straight Pool." A textbook perfect example of a man's love of the game David!
Peter Harth Although I have had “Shortstop on Straight Pool” for a couple of weeks, I have not finished it yet. It’s not hard to read but I stop to try the examples and watch the videos. Over the years I have read a lot of books on pool, from Mosconi’s little Red book to several by Robert Byrne and Phil Capelle. This book by Bob Keller is a match for any of those and, if you play straight pool, I believe it is superior. This book is mainly concerned with running balls. Bob explains the techniques and strategies you need to increase your runs, what to do but also how and why to do it.

I have known Bob for several years and can say without reservation that he loves pool, especially straight pool, and he loves to teach it. I have attended his group classes and taken private lessons from him. His ability to speak clearly and instill confidence in his students comes through in this book. After reading much of the book from the beginning and occasionally jumping ahead, I’m convinced that Bob believes he can teach you (or even me) how to run 100 balls. I believe it too.

Bob wants you to know that straight pool is primarily a problem-solving game. The book focuses on many of the problems, such as break shots, clusters, and end of rack patterns. He teaches you how to identify these and how and when to address them. Straight pool is the most complex of the pocket billiard games. There are more decisions to make and more ways to deal with each one. This book will help you recognize and solve problems so your confidence will grow, and this complex game will become easier.

One more thing, so you know, I am not being paid for this. There is an entire chapter on drills. Bob thinks you should practice them and practice them and find more if you get bored. I mean who has the time. Besides, who cares if you run a 100.
Tom Wirth You have something special working here. I would think the pool world will benefit greatly from your efforts
Samm Diep Bob knows his stuff, especially when it comes to straight pool. Any player willing to invest in their game by reading this book will also learn from Bob;s organized techniquesand offerings.
Max Eberle It's going to be a big help to my 14.1 game
John Schmidt I feel most instructional materials on Straight Pool are oriented for beginners. It is time for a next level type of Straight Pool instructional book. This book and videos delve in-depth into the Straight Pool break shot and how to control the cue ball from any position. Entire chapters are dedicated to rack analysis, opening clusters, end of rack patterns and more. If you are brand new to pool this book will not teach you how to hold your cue or stand at the table. Though, Chapter 9, Straight Pool Drills, will set you on the straight and narrow road to improvement. The materials within are oriented for the player who has already developed some proficiency at pocketing balls and controlling the cue ball. And seasoned rotation and one-pocket players will find eye-opening information to help them elevate their games as well. Indeed, in my opinion, no player who desires to compete at high levels can do so today without developing the skills to be a 100-ball runner in Straight Pool.

Rather than including lists of shots that only pros can pull off, this book presents a methodical and practical process for approaching Straight Pool racks. Like a conversation with a local mentor, the goal in the following chapters is to explain in detail how to transition from a beginner to an accomplished player. You will learn how to think about pool and how to teach yourself to improve. Purchase of this book includes access to over 100 video clips demonstrating break shots from every part of the table. Plus, over 100 more videos about end patterns, manufacturing break shots, safeties, and drills.
Purchaser Hank Well, took awhile but I made it through the entire thing. Worth every minute of the experience. Enjoyed the video portion. First time with that sort of visual aide for the book-worm. Nice, I liked it. Not having a table (problem with New Mexico), has been the major stumbling block but it's all a work in progress, right. When I can get to a table this should be a fantastic help to re-making my 14.1 game. I learned when cloth, cues and balls were all going through the change from heavy an slow to where it is now. The big names I remember were Crane, Lassiter, Moore, Cranfield & Willie. Not in that order but I never cared much for Mosconi though. Your book is most likely the first in this "New Age" of 14.1. The age of the quiet break is gone and now the hot shots smash the rack so they have balls all over the place and make the long shots, Bank and Kick shots an everyday thing. Wish they'd crawl back into their shells and allow the tide to return them to sea. So, Thanks again for something entertaining and very informative to help maintain sanity and act as a stepping stone into this "new" (spit), era of Straight Pool or Contentious Straight Pool to use it FULL given name. One side note, almost lost the "Key" (usb drive), just slid right out of the pocket without even an excuse me... heard it hit the floor or I'd have never known. I cut about 1/4" of velcro (hook & loop fastener), that already had some glue on it and used that. 24 hours with the book face down on it and now it's not going anywhere unless I say it can. chuckle.
Purchaser Cintron Its a great read and material.
David Nelson . The book has great insight and nuance. It pulls it all together and does so within a framework that is cohesive and insightful. We have seen all the drills, heard all the ‘isms and wisdoms, all of which are meaningful and good, but this book is a Practitioner’s Manual of how to strive for 100 balls or more, written by those who have lived that hope and struggle and who love the game; this is the collective insight that the book brings. True, the numerous video clips are the Secret Sauce, just as John Smith lauds the role of the camera in cementing his monster runs, validated for future generations. I remember racking for Bob in a 2020 league match when he ran 95 or so ON A Diamond, and then missed a break shot that would have moved him over 100, ON Camera! I told him “you keep shooting and I’ll count the racks” and it was a great think to see even though a “near miss”. I never told how many racks he was on and he never asked - I said just keep shooting.
Jeff Crouch Well, 14.1 fans.... I received Robert Keller's book,: a SHORTSTOP on STRAIGHT POOL. At this point I will only say that the book is of very high quality and is obviously worth every penny and then some. How do I know that if I've not read it? Well, you ever get a gut feeling about something after experiencing just a small portion? Well, I can tell Robert's book is gonna be amazing. It arrived on time and was packaged very well. I would be reading it this very minute, but I had a challenge in 14.1 tonight. After the challenge is over, I'm gonna jump head first into Robert's book and not come up for air until my wife threatens to hide my cues again...
Purchaser Rob S By the way, bought your workbook, very nicely done. When I was young, simply played by feel and practice/trial-error. Been watching Alciatore’s videos and now your book as added reference, so much more enjoyable to learn nowadays.